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Babies. How many times have you heard that “They don’t come with a manual”? Yet every day millions of parents flock to the pages of books written by professionals and gurus from Ms Ford to Dr Sears. We look for guidance, the magic answer – how do we get him/her to feed, sleep, stop crying? Are we doing the wrong thing by co-sleeping, formula feeding, babywearing? At the end of our tether we risk abdicating parental responsibility to someone who has written about babies as if they are all the same, one size fits all, even though they have never met you or your child.

Sleep deprived, frustrated, sometimes even angry, it can be easy to forget that the person who usually knows what is best for their baby and their family is you.

I hope to give some guidance so that, rather than reaching for that book that must hold the magic answer, you can weigh up the facts and be guided by the evidence and your own parenting instincts.

My background is in clinical psychology. I trained for 9 years in total – 3 undergraduate, 3 years as an assistant psychologist, and 3 years of a doctorate which included 6 placements working across the lifespan, culminating in an 40,000 word thesis. I consider myself to be evidence-based in most decisions I make, and always when making decisions about our child. But I am also a parent, and subject to the same confusion, excitement, tiredness, frustration and love as other parents. Hence my desire to write this website – I want to help others to consider the evidence to better help them make their own choices about their own parenting styles.

Dr Boo x

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