A spoonful of sugar

28th January, 2012 - Posted by Drboo - 6 Comments

It is just after lunch and today X has eaten…… Cereal (a couple of spoonfuls) Toast with jam A biscuit Hot chocolate A breadstick Pasta with peas and cheese The scrapings of the bowl we made peanut cookies in (we bake almost every day) So, a quick glance will tell you that X eats sugar. » Read More

“How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”

4th January, 2012 - Posted by Drboo - 2 Comments

Did you know – you probably do – that telling your child “eat x then you can eat y” will increase increase their dislike for x? And if you say “if you are good you can eat y” you will increase their liking for y? So, if we were being sensible, we would tell our » Read More

When Does Breastfeeding Become “Extended”?

12th September, 2010 - Posted by Drboo - 14 Comments

When does breastfeeding become “extended”? 6 months? 12 months? 2 years? This was not one of the questions I asked in my recent survey about thoughts about breastfeeding (doh!) but what I found is this – many people don’t know the actual recommendations about how long to breastfeed your child for, or, in fact, why » Read More

Give Peas a Chance

10th March, 2010 - Posted by Drboo - 2 Comments

Moving onto solids – a decision made more difficult through parents having to wade through the controversy, myth, conflicting information, and out of date advice. In America, weaning usually means stopping breast milk or formula – in the UK it means starting solid food, which is how I am using the term throughout this article. » Read More