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So, I have decided to try making a “busy box” for X every evening before we go to bed for him to play with the next morning.
This is our first attempt – a box from the Ikea shelves we have, which we will use each time.

I filled it with lentils (puy, yellow and green – and an ideal soup mix when he has finished with it!) but you could also use unpopped corn, dried beans, rice… I just want to avoid sand. I am fed up of sand all over our floor from it being traipsed in from the sandpit outside!
In it are his diggers and construction toys. I also imagine he will enjoy burying toys in it and pouring it from one cup to another.
What is lovely is that this one is a nice sensory experience as well.

Other ideas for future busy boxes include:
Potato stamps, paint and paper ready to go.
Hair salon (from my friend Sarah) – an old non-working hairdryer with the cord cut off, combs, rollers etc etc – and a wig?! (neither the boy nor I have a lot of hair!)
Ink stamps, felt pens and paper to make fingerprint pictures.
Playdoh, rolling pin, cutters etc.
Sorting tasks

More great busy box ideas here

Any ideas you have, please share! I will add busy box pictures each time I make them!

Edit – 7th January 2012
The lentils were a huge hit. Less so, sticklebricks, stickers and pictures, and a colour-match sorting task. Today, however, we hit on another big success – water, food dye, washing up liquid and straws. There is a theme here – the more sensory orientated, the more fun!

Tomorrow’s Busy Box – quinoa flakes (I keep forgetting to cook with them so they have the least value in the kitchen) and pouring/sensory play.

For some reason I can’t upload the video here of us playing together with the bubble busy box, but you can find us on Facebook and I have put it up there. While you are on Facebook, why not “like” our page and you will be keep up to date with latest blogs and articles!
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