Tips for choosy eaters

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Just a quick post with tips for getting those more choosy toddlers to eat…

Snack trays – 20120312-092117.jpg
A different snack in each muffin case makes for an interesting monkey snack tray. (there are nuts on this tray, but please follow nhs guidelines for giving nuts to children).

Get the kids involved – I was thrilled when my best friend pointed out how good little fingers are at peeling garlic! They are also great for breaking apart broccoli and cauliflower. X loves to stir and mix, rub his fingers in flour and generally make a mess. Getting tactile with food is great, encourage your kids to play rather than stop them playing with their food!

For toddlers, being able to help themselves to a range of food on a table (rice, veggies, protein etc) rather than having their food put on a plate in front of them helps them feel in control and they may eat more that way.

Trust your child’s instincts to know what they like and don’t like or what they need or don’t need. That said, it is ideal to offer the same foods and choices time and again, even if your toddler claims, as mine does “I can’t like it” – it will often take several tries before they will taste a new food.

Try and eat with your child. They are more likely to eat if you or others are eating too.

Relax, and enjoy your child’s changing tastes and experiments with food.

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