Cook once, eat for a month

2nd February, 2013 - Posted by admin - 4 Comments

We had a happy realisation last week that we did not need to cook. All week. The freezer was full of leftover meals and every night I popped another vague and unidentifiable concoction in a tuppaware container into the fridge to be warmed for dinner the next night. It was like dinner roulette. Luckily we » Read More

Tips for choosy eaters

12th March, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Just a quick post with tips for getting those more choosy toddlers to eat… Snack trays – A different snack in each muffin case makes for an interesting monkey snack tray. (there are nuts on this tray, but please follow nhs guidelines for giving nuts to children). Get the kids involved – I was thrilled » Read More


12th February, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Following my article on sugar, here is a quick blog to give you all some links to recipes that have been a hit in our house – healthy stuff, some with sugar and some without, but all yummy and full of goodness: sugar free banana bread Deep dish cookie pie made with chickpeas! (a low » Read More