Cook once, eat for a month

2nd February, 2013 - Posted by admin - 4 Comments

We had a happy realisation last week that we did not need to cook. All week. The freezer was full of leftover meals and every night I popped another vague and unidentifiable concoction in a tuppaware container into the fridge to be warmed for dinner the next night. It was like dinner roulette. Luckily we » Read More

How to talk…and how to listen…

1st February, 2013 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Sometimes I recommend a book – I really have to rate the author or book highly, given that the premise of this site is that children don’t come with a manual. But there are some good ones out there – Carlos Gonzales always comes to mind (My Child Won’t Eat and Kiss Me) and How » Read More

Mom enough? This Mom has had enough.

12th May, 2012 - Posted by admin - 4 Comments

This is the cover of Time magazine. I have three issues with it: 1.The article, it seems, is not about the model, or breastfeeding, or natural term breastfeeding. It is about William Sears, who coined the idea of “attachment parenting” (well he made the label mainstream, anyway) but apparently isn’t eye catching enough to put » Read More

Tips for choosy eaters

12th March, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Just a quick post with tips for getting those more choosy toddlers to eat… Snack trays – A different snack in each muffin case makes for an interesting monkey snack tray. (there are nuts on this tray, but please follow nhs guidelines for giving nuts to children). Get the kids involved – I was thrilled » Read More

Good night, sleep tight

25th February, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Extracting yourself from your child’s bed should be an olympic sport – requiring as it does, a range of skills from balance, dexterity, stealth, and speed to intuition and instinct. You rely on your wit and experience to know when to leave the bed – the child must be deeply enough asleep but not sleeping » Read More


12th February, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Following my article on sugar, here is a quick blog to give you all some links to recipes that have been a hit in our house – healthy stuff, some with sugar and some without, but all yummy and full of goodness: sugar free banana bread Deep dish cookie pie made with chickpeas! (a low » Read More

Busy boxes

30th December, 2011 - Posted by admin - No Comments

So, I have decided to try making a “busy box” for X every evening before we go to bed for him to play with the next morning. This is our first attempt – a box from the Ikea shelves we have, which we will use each time. I filled it with lentils (puy, yellow and » Read More

Let sleeping babes lie?

11th November, 2011 - Posted by admin - No Comments

How long do you let your toddler nap during the day? I am sitting next to X who has been napping for 2 hours now, and wondering if we will regret this long daytime nap tonight. At nursery, 2 days a week, he naps for an hour or less. Sometimes at home he totally skips » Read More

Lie the f**k down, my darling, and sleep

9th August, 2011 - Posted by admin - No Comments

The bedtime book for exhausted parents, “Go the F**k to Sleep” by Adam Mansbach, was a hit before it was even published, thanks to (apparently unintentional) viral marketing, including a reading on YouTube by Samuel L Jackson. Using expletives many parents wouldn’t dream of admitting to uttering near the ears of their dream-less little ones, » Read More

When push comes to shove

15th March, 2011 - Posted by admin - 2 Comments

How do you cope when your child is aggressive towards other children? X has started pushing his very best friend. What are my options as a parent? Taking him away from his friends? Time out? The idea is that he learns that the behaviour he just displayed led him to lose something (attention, play) – » Read More

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